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Must have shoes. Every day comfort.

Few things define a lifestyle the way shoes do. We are among the very best in the world at making them. That’s why 1 million plus people choose to buy Bata every day.

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Who we are

Founded in 1894, Bata is the world’s leading shoemaker by volume, designing stylish and comfortable footwear at surprisingly affordable prices. Bata is a family-owned business serving more than 1 million consumers a day in our 5,300 stores, and producing locally in our 23 Bata-owned manufacturing facilities across five continents.


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Corporate Responsibility

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BFW2019 3

Beautiful, shoe-tiful - Bata Fashion Weekend 2019 reviewed

Fashion journalists, celebrities and influencers from all over the world descended on Prague in April to witness the third annual Bata Fashion Weekend and the reactions showed people were blown away.


Young designers with the world at their feet

Imagine being at one of your country’s leading universities for art and design and then, before your career has even begun, winning a global design competition organised by one of the world’s biggest and best-known shoemakers. That’s the position that Natálie Nepovímová, Tuvshin Batkhuu and Cyprian Kiswili Kavita found themselves in as they stood on stage at Bata Fashion Weekend 2019. They had just been crowned winners of the Bata Young Designers’ Challenge 2019, their shoe designs had put the world at their feet and the only thing brighter than their smiles was their futures.


Thank Bata it’s Friday

For many, Fridays are the gateway to the weekend, when desk jockeys and working folk alike get that unmistakable Friday feeling. Now Bata has given people another reason to have an extra spring in their steps on Fridays after it announced that new shoes will be delivered to its stores every Friday, every week.


Bata Brands SA

Avenue d’Ouchy 61,
1006 Lausanne | Switzerland

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