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Master craftsmen since 1894.

Originally, Bata set out to ‘Shoe the World’.
This led us to where we are now:
The No.2 global footwear company and
an international fashion icon.

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The shoe that started it all


The Batovka was notable for its simplicity, style, and light weight.
Its innovative combination of leather and canvas
– at a time when all-leather footwear was the norm –
allowed Bata to offer a top-quality shoe at an unbeatable price.
It took off like a rocket.

01 our story a family business

A family business

The T. & A. Baťa Shoe Company was established by siblings Tomáš, Anna and Antonín Baťa – the eighth generation of Bata family shoemakers – in the rural town of Zlín, Czechoslovakia. They were innovators from the start, replacing the traditional one-man workshop with a 10-person (soon to be 50) enterprise.

01 our story rise of the machine

1897 Rise of the machines

The introduction of mechanised production techniques, including the first steam-driven shoemaking machines, initiated a period of rapid modernisation that allowed the company to become one of Europe's first mass producers of shoes.

01 our story 1899


The first Bata store opens in Zlin, Czechoslovakia.

01 our story 1905


Production grows to 2,200 pairs of shoes a day, making Bata the largest footwear company in Europe.

01 our story 1912


600 full-time workers were employed by Bata.


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