The Bata way.

Living our values everyday.

Serve with passion

For Bata, the shoe industry has been a lifelong family passion, requiring hard work by a close-knit, determined team, listening to our consumers' needs and understanding how best to satisfy their requests. It is this desire to continue to offer the best products and services that help keep us at the forefront of our industry.
values be bold2

Be bold

Courageous Innovation has always been the cornerstone of our company, from the canvas shoes Tomas Bata proposed when everyone else in Europe was selling leather or wood, to the pioneering expansion to new continents starting in the 1930s.
values count on me2

Count on me

Our founder, Tomas Bata, understood that in order to do a job well, we must lead by example. We have never forgotten our founder's words, and today we still hold the same beliefs to be true. The decisions we take are made with our long-term future in mind, not for immediate gain.
values exceed customer expectations2

Exceed customer expectations

Bata believes in pushing boundaries, in going the extra mile. We take pride in recognizing and rewarding excellence, promoting a "can do" culture throughout our organisation.  This is true of our products, our services and our personnel. We know that different customers have different needs, and it is our aim not only to satisfy but to exceed them, building intrinsic value into every product we make.
values improving lives2

Improving lives

At Bata we believe that we are part of each community in which we operate. This means supporting our consumers, teams and the community itself, as well as providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. As a truly global Group, we work across diverse cultures, and believe that each of these should be respected.
Bata's core values are an essential guide for all we do as an organization, inspiring us as leaders in business and positive contributors to society.


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