Empowering women entrepreneurs, Latin America

Bata supports entrepreneurship within supply and distribution channels in certain regions, including micro enterprises like our Aquarella sales program in Latin America. In Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru, women are empowered to set up their own businesses connected to the Aquarella sales catalog, which features stylish Bata shoes.

Locally called promotores, the women travel to consumers at their homes and offices to present the catalog and are given a 25% commission on their sales. In many cases the activities develop into full-time careers. In Colombia, where the program was piloted, an average of 1 million pairs of shoes a year are sold through this channel.

The gender gap in the workforce persists in Latin America despite significant progress in the last decade. Access to paid opportunities for women is essential for economic growth. Aquarella is just one program that gives women the chance to pursue a career path, set their own sales targets, and increase their household incomes.

As of today, there are over 14,000 promotores in Aquarella who have created a strong Bata network in their markets.



1 million

Pairs of shoes sold in Colombia each year