Experience A New Level of Foot Relaxation with Bata’s Comfit Wellness Collection

5 September 2022
Experience A New Level of Foot Relaxation with Bata’s Comfit Wellness Collection

Bata Comfit’s Wellness Collection answers the need for unlimited foot massage and enhanced well-being.

Today, people want a shoe that does more than just look great. A busy lifestyle demands footwear able to provide optimal comfort, increase energy levels, and enhance overall foot health. Bata’s Comfit Wellness Collection does all of these things.

Enjoy an all-day soothing massage

A pleasure to wear—Comfit Wellness wave insoles are made with hundreds of raised nodes to provide gentle, comfortable, and effective massage to the soles of the foot while walking or standing. In addition, their 3D surfaces offer support and cushioning, which helps reduce muscle fatigue by stimulating key pressure points and improving blood circulation for a continuous massaging action that energises throughout the day.

Walk on waves of comfort

The cushioning properties of the EVA material lighten the load on the sole of the foot, absorbing impact and reducing pressure. Adequate arch support offers stability and equal distribution of body weight. The anti-slip waves and expertly crafted heel cup also provide exceptional support for walking. In addition, the wave surface stimulates the plantar and minimizes possible foot swelling.


Treat your feet to the break they deserve

With the help of cutting-edge shoe technology, this collection has been specially designed for ultimate foot relaxation. Thanks to its massage technology, every step in a model from the anti-stress Bata Comfit Wellness Collection helps feet stay relaxed and healthy. So here’s to a line of shoes that promote overall well-being!