Elevate your Run: Say Hello to the Power XoRise+ performance running shoe

20 April 2022
Elevate your Run: Say Hello to the Power XoRise+ performance running shoe
Ready to crank your fitness game up a notch? Allow our XoRise+ to help you get maximum energy return, high rebound and level up your workout.

With this enhanced version of our XoRise+, we have reimagined fitness footwear to provide unparalleled comfort while facilitating your active and healthy lifestyle.

Our XoRise+ has been a best-seller in several markets for years, but when it comes to sneaker technology, we are always looking for ways to improve your experience. This new model is equipped with technology that supports responsive cushioning, and an enhanced lightweight feel.

Advanced technology

The midsole comprises a special TPE compound that provides high rebound and cushioning on impact. This high rebound helps ensure efficient energy return that propels the runner so they can perform at their very best.

With a full rubberized outsole, our 500 Series also has patented Tunnel System cushioning for a whole new comfort experience. You will feel lifted with every step.

Our 100 Series has everything that made our XoRise+ exceptional with a higher rebound, a lighter midsole, and a rubberized forefront and heel.

The accessible, high-performance sneaker you deserve

Since the COVID -19 pandemic, having a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever. For some people, exercising and running became part of healthy habits. Therefore, getting a pair of performance running shoes on hand means that all the benefits of a run are always within your reach. We believe that high-performance technology should be accessible to all of those seeking an active lifestyle, and that is what we aim to provide with our Power brand and XoRise+ running shoe.

XoRise+ was designed to deliver the ultimate running experience and Elevate Your Run.