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Must have shoes. Every day comfort.

Few things define a lifestyle the way shoes do. We are among the very best in the world at making them. That’s why 1 million plus people choose to buy Bata every day.

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Who we are

Founded in 1894, Bata is the world’s leading shoemaker by volume, designing stylish and comfortable footwear at surprisingly affordable prices. Bata is a family-owned business serving more than 1 million consumers a day in our 5,300 stores, and producing locally in our 23 Bata-owned manufacturing facilities across five continents.

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Doing business with us

There are three ways to do business with BATA.

  • wholesale partner
  • franchise partner
  • supplier

For further help, please use the contact form below.

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Media Info

For media enquiries, please contact us using the request form below.

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Company Info

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Corporate Responsibility

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Bata’s 2018 Global Campaign

In today’s world, people feel lots of pressure to behave, look and dress a certain way. Traditional advertising reinforces most of these expectations: “models should be skinny,” “men should look strong and sculpted,” etc. Bata wants to fight all these stereotypes with its 2018 “Me & Comfortable with it” campaign.

For the latest campaign, Bata has chosen edgy, provocative situations which reflect modern life but are still somewhat taboo, such as ripped women or grown men living with their parents.

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Red Concept in Milan

On November 25, Bata's most well-known store in Milan, Italy reopened after being refurbished to become part of the new Red Concept series of stores. The move aims to help it maintain its position as one of the most recognizable points of sale in the city.

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Bata Heritage

Bandwagon, a leading music media outlet in southeast Asia that reaches millions, published an article on Nov. 29 enthusing about the comeback of Bata’s Hotshot sneaker.

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Bata Brands SA

Avenue d’Ouchy 61,
1006 Lausanne | Switzerland


Bata Europe

Via A. Volta 6
35010 LImena (PD) | Italy


Bata China

Level 1-3, Block E | 310 Yuangang Road
Tianhe District | Guangzhou | China 510650

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