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Innovation Now

The Bata Innovation Lab

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Bata's DNA

Innovation has been the foundation of our business since 1894. As the Henry Ford of the footwear industry, our founder Tomáš Bata had a vision to “shoe mankind” by making high-quality, affordably priced footwear available to everyone. Tomáš dramatically changed the global shoe industry by creating hundreds of innovative advancements in shoe design, manufacturing processes and employee work conditions with his paradigm-breaking and socially conscious approach.

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We define innovation as “the implementation of new ideas that offer superior value to our customers and the company.” We continually look for fresh ways of thinking about shoes, with the ultimate aim of making modern footwear that delivers optimal comfort and style at “wow” prices.

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Innovation begins with exploration of current trends and rigorous consumer research. We invest considerable energy and resources in all markets we serve to understand our customers’ wants and needs. Knowing all we can about you and your family helps us make the best decisions possible when we create new and meaningful products.

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The Bata Innovation Lab initiates innovation by filtering ideas through a robust decision-making process to identify the next big concept to develop and bring to market. This process, along with the establishment of new supplier partnerships, delivers advancement in footwear technologies, materials and manufacturing—which results in exceptional shoes for you!

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Our goal is to provide true innovation to all our customers—men and women, families and kids. Quite simply, we want you to experience outstanding comfort in exceptional shoes that make you look and feel your best.

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